It's a real challenge for all dental practitioners to convince patients that dental treatment can be painless. We are sometimes not only afraid of feeling the pain during the treatment, but also of the discomfort associated with anesthetic administration. Even if a patient expects dental procedures to cause some discomfort or pain, Dentalux dentists are going to control pain, reduce discomfort and provide the treatment in a way that is free from pain or stress. Painless dentistry is now possible with the Wand™ technology which allows for a gentle, safe, and most importantly - effective delivery of dental anesthesia. The Wand system consists of a small and very accurate hand piece that looks more like a ball-point pen. Replacing a traditional syringe with a pen and the elimination of pain are its biggest advantages, especially for children.
The device also contains a microprocessor which helps monitor and control the anesthetic administration process. The anesthetic is injected slowly and evenly into the soft tissue and is absorbed at the same rate, causing no increased pressure or a sensation of gum distention or pain.
Delivery of anesthesia with The Wand™ system takes approximately 2 minutes and is effective immediately, allowing the treatment procedure to be started. The wand's pen-like grasp makes it possible to precisely handle and accurately reach and anesthetize small areas, for example if only one tooth is worked on, without unnecessary collateral numbness.
Comfortable for dentists. Pain-free for patients.