Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with prevention and treatment of tooth cavities. Dental caries is an infectious chronic disease in which acids derived from bacterial fermentation of sugar in the oral cavity damage the susceptible hard tissues of the teeth by demineralization.
At the first stage of treatment for caries each dentist at Dentalux clinics takes the complete medical history from the patient and examines the oral cavity to identify any risk factors of caries . In cooperation with the patient these factors can be eliminated or significantly reduced during the following stages, with the help of our dental hygienists and a wide variety of prophylactic procedures such as scaling, airflow cleaning, root planing (polishing), and application of fluoride.
Clinical assessment of the oral cavity is supplemented by radiographic screening: pantomographic or radiovisiographic imaging, or Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), if required. The radiographic techniques are useful in detecting abnormalities and lesions within the oral cavity that cannot be found by visual examination alone.

At Dentalux clinics we treat dental caries through a microinvasive approach. Early enamel lesions in their initial phase are stabilized with no drilling, by using a light-curable resin of the Icon infiltration technology. In patients who have developed caries which extend beyond the enamel/dentin border, superior quality esthetic composite resin fillings are applied. All patients who are afraid of the pain and discomfort which is sometimes associated with dental procedures can receive local anesthetic through the computer-controlled dental injection system (The Wand).

We constantly strive to provide the finest esthetic effects using restoration solutions and filling materials  that will best imitate natural teeth. We know that a natural tooth is not monochromic, but in fact is a mosaic of colors; the tooth structures , i.e. the enamel and dentin have different nuances, shades and translucencies. Dentalux clinics utilize the most advanced composite filling materials from the world's leading manufacturers: 3M, GC, Ivoclar Vivadent, and the superior patented Enamel Plus HRI developed by the renowned professor Lorenzo Vanini, a worldwide authority in esthetic dentistry. All of the above mentioned composites have the refractive index and fluorescence very close to natural human tooth tissues (they match a natural tooth's physical properties) and thus the filling placed in layers becomes invisible even under unnatural lighting conditions (e.g. ultraviolet light). Using the latest generation of nanocomposites, we are able to correct the shape of a tooth - close a gap between two teeth (diastema) or to rebuild teeth fractured as a result of an injury.

Progress in the field of composite materials and dental techniques, which occurred in recent years, combined with continuous improvement of professional skills allow doctors working in DENTALUX clinics to perform procedures restoring aesthetics, functionality and biological characteristics of the tooth and the surrounding gums, in a way which exceeds patients' expectations.