Esthetic dentistry

Białe, piękne zęby i promienny uśmiech to marzenie każdego z nas. Obserwujemy, że coraz więcej naszych pacjentów decyduje się na zabieg wybielania zębów. Przebarwienia zębów stanowią bowiem bardzo częsty problem estetyczny, a ich wybielanie jest najbardziej optymalną zachowawczą metodą terapeutyczną.

Who doesn't dream of beautiful white teeth and a shining smile! At Dentalux we note the increasing number of patients who are interested in whitening of their teeth. Discoloration and stains are the most common esthetic problems affecting the appearance of the teeth, and their whitening - the optimal conservative therapeutic option.
Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatment provided at Dentalux clinics. Teeth whitening works by a process of oxidation of the organic pigments in the tooth tissues: enamel and dentine. The oxidizing agent penetrates the tooth enamel and improves the appearance of the teeth by making the hard tissue look lighter.
At Dentalux clinics we choose appropriate whitening products that conform to the European Council Directive 76/768/EEC and perform all procedures in the way that ensures consistency and strict compliance with medical regimens. This is why our cosmetic teeth whitening procedure is safe and very effective.
It is strongly advised that any teeth whitening procedure is done under the supervision of a doctor. Before beginning any teeth whitening treatment, the dentist will examine the patient thoroughly, obtain the health and dental history, take a variety of oral hygiene measures, and choose the most appropriate method.
At Dentalux clinics we offer in-office teeth whitening services (e.g. ZOOM light-enhanced treatment), a take-home option (made under the doctor's supervision) and an internal bleaching remedy for discoloration caused by endodontic (root canal) treatment.