Prosthodontics or dental prosthetics is a field of dentistry dealing with the replacement of missing teeth (either single or multiple), restoration of damaged tooth surface, and improvement of oral esthetics. The primary goal of prosthetic treatment provided in Dentalux clinics is to help patients recover the correct chewing function and improve quality of life, in particular with respect to esthetic aspects. Missing teeth can affect not only the function of the temporomandibular joint, but can also cause speech impediments and have a negative impact on the appearance by worsening facial featuresProsthetic dentistry allows for the replacement of one lost tooth (e.g. using a single dental implant or fixed bridge) as well as full reconstruction of all missing teeth (either fixed or removable dentures).
At Dentalux clinics we offer a wide range of treatment options aimed at improving the appearance and function of the teeth that are malformed,  permanently discolored, damaged as a result of trauma, decay or abnormal abrasion.
We provide a variety of prosthetic solutions, which include fixed dental prostheses, for example, crowns, porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays used to restore the tooth tissue, and bridges for rehabilitation of edentulous spaces. Additionally, we can provide removable partial (to replace a few missing teeth) and complete dentures (for entirely toothless patients).
We know that the quality and aesthetic effect of prosthetic work - crowns, veneers, dentures - depend on the technology used in the construction process. Therefore doctors at Dentalux clinics collaborate with the best dental laboratories in Poland. We want to be sure that our patients obtain superior quality products that are compliant with the most stringent standards and meet both functional and esthetic expectations.