Oral prophylaxis

A beautiful and healthy smile is the effect of joint efforts of the dental practitioner, the patient and the dental hygienist. Contemporary preventive dental care offers a wide variety of comprehensive procedures to help patients maintain good oral hygiene and the long term health of the mouth, teeth and gums.
Professional prophylactic procedures include removal of tartar buildup with ultrasonic tools (scaling), removal of plaque, dental residue and stains (airflow cleaning) sandblasting), root planning teeth polishing, application of fluoride, and detailed instruction of oral hygiene.

All preventative procedures performed by dental professionals are effective and perfectly safe for the teeth. In fact, some of them have enamel-strengthening effects, for example airflow cleaning with Sylc Powder sandblasting or the application of fluoride. At Dentalux clinics we strive to provide quality care with maximum patient comfort and safety using cutting-edge equipment and the most advanced techniques. Highly skilled and trained dental hygienists, who perform the procedures, will also advise patients on practices of oral hygiene and recommend professional mouth care products that are available at the reception desks at our clinics.  

The long-term effectiveness of professional dental prophylaxis is greatly appreciated by both patients and doctors. This is the reason why these procedures are routinely scheduled and performed at Dentalux every day.
Please remember that the dental hygienist care and treatment does not end with a single visit. We recommend that our patients make regular appointments with a dental hygienist every six months. Patients will receive a reminder of their upcoming visits, and on request they can be informed to schedule an appointment after a specified period of time. Regular dental check-ups and prophylactic procedures are the easiest and best way to prevent most common dental problems like tooth decay and periodontal diseases, that are mainly caused by bacteria in dental plaque.