Nowadays, the vast majority of people suffer from malocclusion (misaligned teeth and/or disproportionate jaw relationships). Increasing self-awareness combined with care about image and appearance observed in recent years are the reasons why many patients seek specialized orthodontic treatment to improve esthetics. Harmony of the facial features and a captivating smile constitute the essence of beauty, while dental aesthetics has a direct impact on the quality of life.
Our patients can be guaranteed that orthodontic treatment offered by Dentalux specialists’ results in a beautiful, attractive and most important of all, healthy smile.
Orthodontics is a field of dentistry dealing with the prevention and treatment of malocclusions. The history of orthodontics is a long one. Even in ancient times people realized that malposition of teeth and bite disorders contributed to health problems. In the 18th century a French doctor Pierre Fauchard introduced the first tooth alignment device - he used silk threads to fasten plates made of metal or ivory to the teeth. Since Fauchard's time, orthodontics as a science has been continuously developing.
Orthodontic treatment is commonly associated with children and young people. However, in most cases, malocclusions can actually be remedied by orthodontic therapy at any age. At Dentalux Clinics more and more adults make a decision to undergo orthodontic treatment, not only to improve esthetics of their face and smile, but also the functional occlusion.
People take the initiative to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist when they find it difficult to effectively remove plaque and tartar, or they notice the caries formation on the contacting surfaces of two misaligned teeth, but also in cases of pathological abrasion of dental hard tissues (tooth wear), gum recession (exposure of the cervical area), or dentin hypersensitivity (dental pain which is often sharp and of short duration).
At Dentalux we offer a full range of orthodontic systems: removable and fixed appliances - traditional classic metal wired braces (stainless steel and titanium), aesthetic braces (ceramic and sapphire crystal), self-ligating Damon Braces, invisible lingual appliances (a holding arch invisible from front view as it is mounted on the tongue side of the teeth), or Clear Aligners (clear removable cosmetic appliances, which are almost invisible in the mouth).
I Dentalux clinics, every orthodontic treatment plan is preceded by detailed diagnostics. Each comprehensive pretreatment examination includes an interview (patient's medical history), assessment of facial profile (from photographs taken at one of our clinics), dental examination, evaluation of TMJ or bite disorders, and dental x-rays (pantomography and cephalometric radiography analysis). Additionally, dental impressions of the teeth are taken to make plaster jaw models, which are used to help the doctor plan adequate treatment and evaluate the effects of the therapy.
Prior to the start of orthodontic treatment, it should be remembered to have all the preventive and basic dental treatment completed, including required fillings, RTC, cleaning and application of fluoride.
Orthodontic treatment usually takes from one to three years depending on the type of malocclusion.
Whatever orthodontic device has been chosen, keeping regular check-up appointments and maintaining optimal oral hygiene throughout the whole period of treatment are absolutely crucial. In oral health matters, our doctors and professional dental hygienists are always ready to help by giving dental advice, oral hygiene instructions, and performing required procedures.