Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) deals with surgical treatment of diseases in the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and adjacent anatomical structures.
At our clinics, we provide a full range of surgical procedures including:
* Tooth extraction.
* Removal of impacted teeth (teeth that get blocked and cannot grow out) and residual tooth roots (small parts of a root that remain as the result of a tooth fracture or an incomplete extraction).
* Root resection and apicoectomy (allows to save the tooth from extraction by removing part of the root which was causing persistent inflammation or infection in the tissues around it).
* Removal of dental cysts.
* Alveolar ridge augmentation (reconstruction of alveolar bone loss).
* Soft tissue contouring, labial and tongue frenum surgeries.

Specialists working at Dentalux clinics (oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and dental surgeons) also perform:
* Guided bone and tissue regeneration: GBR, GTR (regeneration of lost periodontal structures, e.g. bone and gingival tissues).
* Sinus lift surgery (an augmentation procedure which makes upper jaw bone thicker).
These surgeries are done for the purpose of improving the soft tissue and bone volume prior to implant placement. They are ideal solutions for patients with alveolar bone loss, soft tissue atrophy or unfavorable anatomical features, who cannot undergo implantation without preparatory surgical treatment.
To achieve the optimal outcome, we use bone graft systems and  biomaterials from the world most reputable providers (e.g. Geistlich, and Botiss Biomaterials). Safety of patients, simplicity of application, and predictability of results are our highest priorities.
We make every effort to provide the finest care to our patients, offering collaborative knowledge and skills from a wealth of interdisciplinary dental experience. Surgical procedures may also play a supporting role in other dental fields:
* in endodontics (root amputations: e.g. apicoectomy, hemisectomy);
* in orthodontics (uncovery of the impacted tooth to bring it into the dental arch, corticotomy during accelerated orthodontic treatment);
* in prosthetics (tooth crown lengthening procedure);
* in pediatric dentistry (management of dental trauma, avulsed tooth replantation).
In Dentalux clinics all surgical procedures are performed under local, or, if necessary, under general anaesthesia.