First appointment

The first appointment to our clinic plays a key role in the entire treatment process and thus we pay special attention to it. It is during the first visit that the doctor takes medical and health information, examines the patient's mouth and evaluates therapeutic needs. The patient is informed of the recommended treatment options, available medical procedures and their estimated costs. Each treatment plan must be agreed with the patient. Sometimes additional diagnostic tests are required and advised for example, radiographic imaging (x-ray). Efficiency of any preventive or therapeutic procedures depends on close cooperation between the staff and patients to ensure patient's awareness and knowledge.
When you are a first-time patient, please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to complete the medical interview form which provides all the relevant information about your health and past medical history.
If you prefer to fill out the form at home, you can download the document (pdf.) from the website, print it out and complete. The filled in and signed forms are included in your medical record.
For the first appointment please bring your photographic ID which will confirm your identity.