Our clinics are equipped with modern dental units designed for the maximum comfort of patients and practitioners. Monitors and intraoral digital cameras next to the chair enable the patient to keep a visual track of the progress during the dental examination and treatment process.

We utilize dental microscopes to enhance patient care whenever a magnification is required to perform a precision procedure. The operating microscope is used in endodontic treatment, microsurgery, advanced dental implant procedures, esthetic dentistry or periodontal therapy.

To support our everyday practice, we use surgical dental devices, for example, a physiodispenser and piezoelectric surgical knife - technologies that offer a greater margin of safety than traditional bone cutting instruments.

Professional teeth cleaning procedures are provided using an ultrasonic Vector Paro system can be applied in many clinical indications for prevention, non-surgical treatment and control of periodontal diseases.

Modern and comprehensively equipped x-ray laboratories with state-of-the-art devices including three-dimensional (3D) computed tomography enable our doctors to make an accurate diagnosis at the clinic.

Our sterilization facilities meet the highest standards and requirements for quality and safety related to sterilization, disinfection and cleaning of medical instruments and tools.